Kolstrand Develops NEW All Stainless Steel Safety Hook

Posted by Kal Harris - Commercial Sale Manager on Dec 16th 2015

Seiners! You asked for a Better ALL-STAINLESS STEEL SAFETY HOOK and Kolstrand Listened!

Integrity Machining, manufacturer of well-known Kolstrand Marine Equipment, announced today that the new Stainless Steel Hooks will be Ready for Shipment in March 2016!  

Kolstrand's NEW Stainless Steel H28 Safety Hook is Forged Heat-treated to 17-4 for unparalleled strength, and comes with a Spring-loaded Trigger Lock that's oh-so-easy to use.

The H28 All Stainless Steel Hook replaces your old steel 7/8-10 Hook... You know which hook we mean... That hook you own that rusts every season... The one that you need to soak in a pail of oil just to free it up!

All of the Kolstrand H28 SS Hooks are MADE IN THE USA, to ensure you that you're buying only the best quality Hook made in America. Contact Kolstrand to Order your new SS Hook today!