About Us

Integrity Machining, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of high quality Kolstrand, JKFAB, NORDIC, and Forfjord brand marine products. We are your one-stop marine equipment manufacturer, providing power blocks with power grips, long line and crab pot haulers, anchor winches, gurdys, davits and purse seine winches etc. principally for the North Pacific and West Coast fisheries. 

From the founding of our brand's in 1929 and following the acquisition of the Kolstrand Marine product Line in 2008, the JK Fabrication and Nordic machine product lines in 2020, and the Forfjord line of marine anchors in 2021, Integrity Machining continues to grow, offering proven equipment and service to the commercial fisheries markets.   

Kolstrand, JKFAB, NORDIC, and Forfjord brand marine equipment is manufactured and fabricated in non-corrosive marine grade stainless steel and aluminum by personnel with over 100 years of collective experience. Integrity Machining, Inc. moved into significantly expanded space in Marysville, WA in 2019 and added to its production capabilities by acquiring CNC machining and waterjet fabrication equipment. In addition, our call center is staffed with experienced application specialists to assist customers in the selection of their equipment. 

Kolstrands online store,, not only offers marine products, but makes it easy to find parts and information grouped by fisheries, and includes exploded view diagrams, pictures, installation and maintenance information.

Integrity Machining's Commercial Division supports commercial and industrial marine organizations including boat manufacturers, repair yards, charter fleets and the world's fishing industries. Our engineering team has deep knowledge to approach complex engineering challenges.


Kolstrand: A Short History

In 1929 Amandus Kolstrand, a fisherman, saw the need for power equipment and fishing gear improvements. He designed and manufactured the power salmon trolling gurdy, shock absorber, trolling block, line snap and snubbers for the salmon trolling industry. Later he sold Kolstrand to Thomas Breiwick.

The Kolstrand Building 1937

Thomas Breiwick was born on January 11, 1893 in Breivik, Stokmarknes, Norway to Elling Lorence Olsen, a fisherman and small farmer, and Thea Bergitta Sorensen, a homemaker. There were eleven children in Thomas's family, but the first four died shortly after birth. Thomas attended school for seven years and then fished with his father. Feeling that he was lacking in education and opportunities, Thomas decided to emigrate when he was seventeen years old in 1912. He had an aunt and uncle in Tacoma who lent him the money for a ticket. After arriving in Washington, Thomas got a job at a sawmill in Selleck and later did road construction in Tacoma. Thomas's uncle was a mechanic for Northern Pacific Railroad, but when he grew tired of working in the shop, he invited Thomas to start fishing with him. As it turns out, Thomas's uncle did not like it, but Thomas continued fishing for the next thirty-five years. He eventually owned nine boats.

In 1942 Thomas Breiwick and his son, Arnold Breiwick, themselves high-line fishermen, purchased Kolstrand from his friend, Amandus and formed the foundation for what is now one of the foremost companies to manufacture and distribute commercial fishing equipment and hardware.

Today Kolstrand is recognized world wide for its expertise in salmon and tuna gurdys, halibut gurdys, seine winches, anchor winches, gillnet reels and rollers long line reels and haulers, power blocks, and other products as well as customized needs. The key to Kolstrand's Success is the quality and dependability.