Core Policy

A refundable core charge is applied to some major drive components (ex: gearbox, gurdy, Honda). Customers have 60 days from the date their original purchase shipped date to be eligible for a core refund. Refunds are based on a complete tear down and inspection of the components. All pieces of the component have a specific value. Therefore, damaged or worn parts will be deducted from the refundable core amount. Cores must be shipped back with paperwork or note indicating customer name, order number, and contact phone number. Core returns must be shipped back in the same manner and configuration as originally shipped. Gearboxes, hydraulic motors and Honda must be drained of all oil. We will charge a $75.00 "Hazardous waste" cleanup fee for any leaking packages which will be your responsibility to pay. So please drain oil: It saves both of us time and money! Return shipping of core is the customer's responsibility. A UPS return service tag can be purchased if specified at the time of order for an additional amount. Once processed, a refund check will be mailed within 2 weeks. Refunds date is based on date of credit order through the post office using the original billing information (for security purposes), no exceptions.

Core Exchange Service:
We supply good cores up-front for use in rebuilding services. It requires effort and resources to maintain our inventory of hundreds of complete cores, including going to wrecking yards to find suitable parts. This service allows us to ship fully rebuilt product which may be installed the same day received to minimize customer vehicle downtime.

In the rare event that we run out of suitable on-hand cores to fulfill a specific product, we will request the customer's original core to rebuild. This option is always available and may be requested at any time, for example, to keep original parts with the original vehicle.