* *News Release * * - KOLSTRAND Develops New Dungeness LineHauler, dubbed "WESTPORT" for the West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery

* *News Release * * - KOLSTRAND Develops New Dungeness LineHauler, dubbed "WESTPORT" for the West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery

Aug 5th 2015

Today’s West Coast Dungeness Fisheries demand quality high performance deck equipment like never before. Over the last season KOLSTRAND Technicians worked with several Northwest Dungeness Crab fishermen to develop a LineHauler that would haul Dungeness pots faster and safer. KOLSTRAND’s New “WESTPORT” LineHauler was built to meet this challenge.

The New KOLSTRAND “WESTPORT “ LineHauler features large 17 inch Main Drive Sheaves, a heavy-duty fully banded Stainless Steel Frame, field-serviceable Stainless Steel Idler Roller, and reversible Stainless Steel Line Stripper. Currently the Main Drive Sheaves are available in flame-sprayed cast iron… but KOLSTRAND is currently testing an aerospace grade Aluminum alloy sheave material that is lighter and stronger. Initial reports on this unique sheave material are very promising, and KOLSTRAND advises that these lighter Main Drive Sheaves should be available soon.

Additional features designed into the new “WESTPORT” LineHauler will extend the hauler for many years of trouble-free duty. The large All Stainless Steel Idler Roller runs on an oversized 1-3/8 inch Stainless Steel Shaft with grease-shielded Stainless Steel Ball Bearings. KOLSTRAND product engineers designed the Idler Roller with these bearings to be field serviceable if necessary… no press or specialized press tools are needed to change out the bearings. The new Dungeness LineHauler is also convertible for fishermen fishing with either the Idler Roller aft or the Idler Roller forward configurations, depending on vessel layout or personal preference. KOLSTRAND further advises that designs are on the drawing board for 12” and 15” versions of the “WESTPORT” for small boats, as well as well as a 20” version, for fishermen who want the benefit of maximum hauling speeds.

In addition to developing the above premiere LineHauler, KOLSTRAND has also added to their Dungeness Equipment line-up by developing a new automatic rope coiler. Taking some design features from the tried and true KOLSTRAND King Crab Coiler, a staple in the Bering Sea King Crab fisheries, KOLSTRAND scaled the new Dungeness Coiler down to better accommodate the vessel size without sacrificing rope-coiling performance. The main frame of the Dungeness Coiler is constructed entirely out of marine-grade aluminum that is then Mil spec hard-coat anodized, along with Stainless Steel greased pivot and idler shafts. The drive wheels are durable High-density solid rubber with bronze bearings, with grease shielded motor shaft seal for long life. The coiler is also built symmetrically so it can be setup to be mounted almost anywhere on the boat. KOLSTRAND advises that they are coming to the end of the prototype and developmental stage for the Coiler, and the finalized design should be ready for production in the next several weeks for delivery this fall.

Stay tuned to the KOLSTRAND website where fishermen will find updates on all the upcoming products, as well as a complete listing of other fine marine products and parts.